Hungry Free Students Research Project


Our Lord said to Peter in John 21:17, Feed my Sheep.

Uptown is a new and slow melting pot for minorities of different faiths and religions resting in the US Congressional 9th District of Illinois, and the city of Chicago’s 46th Ward.  Representatives of the US Congressional  9th District of Illinois, the city of Chicago’s 46th Ward, and throughout the country discussed a problem called “Hunger and Isolation”.   Children go to our public schools hungry but have the opportunity to eat lunch for free or reduced for breakfast and lunch, but may go home to an empty refrigerator at dinner time.  The battle for any child during the summer is to contend with any neglecting parent on eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The disconcerted parent may not be aware that the child during the summer needs to eat to build up the strength to return back to school in the next academic school year, without missing school for simple reasons related to eating within the 5 food groups on the US Food Pyramid.

Starting the summer, we will make an effort to study summer food programs for students who live in the Uptown Community that may attend Uplift High School, Mccutcheon Grammar School, and Goudy Elementary School.  We will seek to solve “Hunger and Isolation” tactics by using an interfaith approach according to UIC School of Public of Health and UIC Jane Addams School of Social Work.