Background about God’s Call and Great Commission to Helping the Crippled to God in Chicago

Helping the Crippled to God community organization of Chicago was inspired from an ongoing research paper at the University of Illinois at Chicago Jane Addams School of Social Work Midwest African American and Latino Health Research, Training, and Policy Center.  The ongoing research was about the medically underserved suffering with diabetes. Diabetes is a very chronic or crippling disorder for those who are minority and medically indigent in Chicago.  The center’s director encourages patient mobility and patient empowerment.  I believe patient empowerment can be delivered through my personal belief system growing up at Southside Tabernacle Assembly God church, which is located on the Southside of Chicago. Our pastor and bishop encourages us a lay members to use the Inner – Cities of America Initiative to reach people who are lost without Jesus.  

People that are lost without Jesus are crippled.  There are many areas or definitions about being crippled, also according to the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Urban Health Early Outreach Program.  The Urban Health encourages the increase the demand of black or minority doctors in medically insecure communities in Chicago.  This is an ongoing effort with the Northwestern University and University of Chicago’s CIC McNair/SROP andUrban Health Program.  These institutions help us to further define the state of being crippled.  Minorities can be crippled with diseases, mental illnesses, homelessness, broken families, substance abuse problems pertaining to drugs and alcohol, along with poverty.  
Poverty, substance abuse problems, broken families, mentally illnesses, homelessness, and crippling disorders such as junior diabetes and adult type diabetes can be monitored through other collaborating community organizations in Chicago.  According IPLAN, the most pressing needs is the Uptown community, which is located on the Northside of Chicago.  Currently in Uptown we concurrently collaborating with Weiss Hospital, Cornerstone Community Outreach, the People’s Church, Uptown Baptist Church, Sara Circle, and Heartland Health Outreach.  Together, we are trying to eradicate these crippling areas that define progress of minority health within a 5% margin of error every 10 years according to the U.S. Surgeon General Report.


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