Christ IM God:  The Instant Messenger!

Do you know what city you live?  Is the city, town or suburb small or large?  Do you know the zip code to the street you live on in Chicago?  And if so, do you know your letter carrier that drops off your postage or mail to your front door?  Does your letter carrier have a friendly smile when he or she drops off mail to you?  Does the letter carrier control the time when the letter comes to your front door?  What do you expect inside the envelope when your letter carrier drops a message off to you?  Can we as believers in the Body of Christ control the originator who sends us these messages?  Is the message good that comes in your mailbox?  Is the message bad that comes in your mailbox? If good or bad messages, does your mailbox ever get so stuffed with bills, bills, bills?  

Amazon said in the earlier half of the year that customers would receive their parcel or packages would be dropped by little drones within one hour.  The bible calls Satan, the prince of the air.  The angel of light.  The one enlightened messenger called Lucifer, who God created to worship Him in the Heavenly realm.  Think in your everyday conversations with family, friends, or neighbors.  Who sends you a message?  What is the message saying?  How do you feel after hearing the message from the messenger?

Google Plus said, according to technical news articles said, overall that drone usage must be regulated in U.S. airspace, because too much signal overlap reported by FAA air traffic control towers.  In the book of Genesis the first and second chapter, Lucifer fell from heaven and was transformed to Satan because of his Coup de tat with God about his control of Earth.  Satan fell in the Garden of Eden from heaven and appeared before Eve, God’s first woman, as a snake.  Inspite of Eve being God’s first woman, she opened up herself to hear what Satan’s claim to mankind.  She entertained the father of lies in the Garden of Eden.  Why did Eve, God’s first woman, listen to the message of a snake?

Does it mean Satan is a eusocial being because he communicated with Eve as a snake in the Garden of Eden?  Did you ever watch growing up the character Data the robot commander on “Star Trek: the next generation”?  Did you ever watch growing up the animated character Optimus Prime on “Transformers”?  Are these two characters eusocial with mankind?  What things do you think on the TV show and cartoon made them eusocial with mankind?  Do you think it was Data’s fault for being eusocial with Commander Yar on Star Trek?  Do you think it was Optimus Prime’s fault for being eusocial with mankind, because Optimus Prime always wanted peace on Earth for mankind against the powers of the Deceptacons?   Can we be eusocial as Christians and acclaim to the power of Christ?  The bible says, we are in this world, but not of this world or we should not be partakers of the world.  The bible says we are just pilgrims passing through.

When a message comes to you, does it come with peace?  The bible calls Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. As I said earlier, the bible conversely calls Satan is the prince of the Air.  What does the Prince of the Air as a Christian believer?  What are some tools on Earth that are used for communicating or sending messages to one another? Give examples.  If you are a Christian, do you talk to people on the phone?  As a Christian, do you talk to the non believer on the phone?  Do non believers call you on the phone?  What message does non believers deliver on the phone to you especially at this time of year?  If you can with your family, role play a conversational message on the telephone between the believer and non believer.  

Does the conversation ever totally, go right or 100 percent clean between you and a non believer?  If the message coveyed on the telephone is not clean or a 100 percent pure, do you ever intercept the non believer?  The bible says, no weapon formed against will prosper, every tongue that rise up against us will be condemned.  The bible says, God will condemn the waging tongue, but we must be able to know and understand what a weapon is in terms of our conversation with a non believer.  We must know as a believer that an unpure message or unclean message is like a weapon for the non believer.  What are weapons?   Weapons are used for war.  According to the UIC School of Public Health, weapons are a tool or instruments of domestic violence.  

During the Bush Administration, the U.S. Forces were searching in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.  Can you imagine an unsaved person with a big military weapon hanging on the tip of their tongue that is ready to fire.  Are you as a believer going to step up into God’s will to intercept that message of mass destruction?  As a believer in the Body of Christ, what things that may hinder you from intercepting the evil message of the enemy?  The bible says in the book of Daniel the 9 and 10, Michael, one of God’s chief archangels, retorted to Daniel in a dream, “I was held up by Satan…”  If God’s chief archangel was held up by Satan’s envy, then how much more is the believer held up by the garbage called jealousy, envy, and strife that comes out of the unbelievers mouth?  Turn to a family, friend, or foe and tell them for me, where jealousy, envy, and strife; there is confusion and every evil work!

Let’s take a word study of jealousy.  Remember, these are one of things that hinder the believer from intercepting the wrong message. Tell someone apart of HTC2G family that’s why you broke in pocket, broke in employment, broke in family, broke in faith about God, and broke in your face about your own character about who you are to yourself and others.  Definition of jealousy.  Friends and family, our God is a jealous God.  Not the jealousy that we experience in the world or at work, but a spiritual jealousy about His creation on Earth.  Christ is jealous of who has your mind, your soul, your will, and even your emotions.  The first thing to know is an evil messenger is bound by the spirit of jealousy.  Their communication at school, at work, and home is always about being jealous of somebody or something.  Weapons of jealousy will lead you to self destruction.  Tell someone you headed towards self destruction when your ears listen to an evil message of jealousy.

Definition of envy.  Light years ago, God the Father, the son, the Holy Ghost came in an agreement for you, friends, family, and foes, but Lucifer was watching or breathing hard on the creation of man.  During those light years, Lucifer conspired with one third of the Angels about God’s ability to create man.  The spirit of envy is one of the most dumbest spirit on the face of this Earth.  Sometimes, yaw have friends, family, and foes envious over dumb or unreasonable stuff.  Now, say to a friend, family, or foe our God is an awesome God!  You know, imagine you were cramped in this one room with your bags and people.  God got to tired of Lucifer’s plot to rule the Heavenlies, so He threw Lucifer to Earth as his sentence to become Satan.  In the Gospels, the disciples said, I seen satan fall as lightening.

Remember friends and family, Satan is the chief architect of evil on Earth.  Did you ever intervene in a message that was designing evil against someone else?  Designing evil or sending an evil message is a sin before the Lord Our God!  Here’s why it is a sin.  Satan in his incarceration brought some excess baggage here on Earth that the Lord truly hate.  First of all, the lust of the eye.  Secondly, the lust of the flesh.  Thirdly, the pride of life.  Do you know satan can send messages through the lust of the eye.  Satan can send evil messages through our body language.  What are some examples that satan can sending evil or lustful messages through our body language?  

We can send good or bad messages through the way we dress.  What are some examples of clothes or store brands clothes that carry a good or bad message?  The bible says, I am the Lord.  I judge the good and the evil on Earth.  Try to role play a message through wearing clothes to work or school to those that are non believers or do not know Jesus Christ as Lord.  What message did you get from the receiver by wearing your outfit to school or work?  What are some devices that Satan can use to send evil messages through the way we wear our clothes?  You can read more in the message blog, Are you clothed and in your right mind.  The bible tells us not to be ignorant to satan’s devices.  When the device comes, like the bible says, shun the very appearance of the evil.  How can we shun the very appearance of evil through satan evil messages in our everyday apparel in   school or work?

Next the lust of the flesh is a sin that God does not like, because Satan since messages through devices that cause men to lust after women.  What are those devices that send messages that causes men to lust in their flesh after women?  For example, television is a device that Satan strongly use to send messages.  Have you seen the television show “Scandal”?  What message is satan sending through “Scandal”?  Have you seen anything on “Scandal” that is applicable to real life at work or home serving God as a Christian?


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