Chi-Reach Again Ministries

Chi-Reach Again Ministries is more than a seasonal time to serving those that are hungry and homeless.  I left Chicago with a series of events that Satan had tried to attack me in completing God’s plan for my life.  It started as a domino effect from the University of Illinois at Chicago laying me off after 10 years of faithful service here in our beautiful state of Illinois.  Neighbors and friends, my family situation was very confusing with unnecessary arguing about small things.  The pastor who I confided in after so many years decided to excommunicate me for so many years of serving her and her family.  Even at this point, my birth parents and family still are uncontactable and remain at large for a lack of support in the troubles about being laid off as a professor.  

Once, I was excommunicated from the church where I received healing and deliverance, Satan’s attack against me become stronger and more open about fulfilling God’s destiny.  I worked in the City Colleges of Chicago were the dean mysteriously terminated my contract at $19.00 per hour at the time.  Satan was still attacking me with my finances.  So as you know, Satan was causing an unreasonable balance between my family and friends because a lack of finances.  I moved on to another teaching appointment at Robert Morris University, they abnormally let me go when I was earning about almost $40,000 in my second year teaching math in downtown Chicago.  

Satan grip was still holding because I had to make unreasonable academic excuses to current and future commitments based upon being a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  It was a sacrifice at this point of trying to renew, repair or restore my broken relationships with my family and friends from grammar school, high school, and college.  I was approach by an older faculty member at Moraine Valley Community College for a second chance at life to attend graduate school at DePaul University Chicago.  It was a hard choice because my student loans racked up over the $100,000 without career or family support.  

Satan entered in again after getting accepted to DePaul University Chicago by excommunicating me from the university’s mathematics department.  This was my second and final time being excommunicated for unknown reasons.  I got thrown out the college dormitories all in one instance.  DePaul University refused to hear my appeal or my beg to stay from a sister from DePaul University by the name Cindy Summers.  God revealed in revelation knowledge that was the spirit of witchcraft operating in her life.  I became homeless and hungry at this point because of her lack of appeal even in writing.

Time was starting to run out on me and Satan.  I had to call a friend I grew up with in Evanston to stay with them to sort through all my problems.  That turned violent with so many altercations.  I got tired and they got tired of bitter arguments over small things that could have been replaced.  God at this point recalled my mind to UIC student organizations such as the Vineyard, InterVarsity, and Campus Crusade for Christ.  The first decision I made quickly was to resubmit evangelistically under the Evanston Vineyard Organization for a time and season.  The second one was to create a black owned empowerment based initiative to rebuild broken lives through becoming Director of Operations of my startup dream tech company called “Math 4 You By Us Group”.

Satan did not like me making this choice to rebuild the African American economic power base in Chicago.  Satan began to attack my mind about the past.  Satan began to attack my finances.  Satan began to attack my body in unusual ways through friends, family, and neighbors.  The situation with the Evanston Vineyard was short, but Satan’s reign became longer.  Like I mentioned, I become homeless, so, I asked the pastor to help me through a hard time I had with my family.  So, I stayed with a single man from the Vineyard Church until God sent a messenger from Evanston.  She helped me to go to the local shelter in town called “Help for the Homeless”.  

I began to gain my strength and purpose through God by staying in this shelter inspite of me becoming homeless a second time.  God opened a door for me to tutor at Evanston High School, but Satan stepped in and snatched my finances from right out of my hands a second time in a very unreasonable layoff.  At this point, I begin a seek after God because of the lack of finances, lack of family support, lack of friends, and my own faith to trust God as my father.  God spoke to my spirit and such a way to rebuild my resume according to UIC, but I got so many no answers and rejections in my emails.  God spoke and illuminated to me about my time and said, your applied professor Sue will be looking for you because your year to date was approaching for the State of Illinois.  

I debated with God like Jacob’s ladder experience about my year six to becoming a tenured professor at UIC.  During this debate, I contracted Pneumonia in one of my lungs according to Northwestern University doctors; depressed uncontrollably due to unnecessary altercations; digestion problems, but the Spirit of Lord spoke do a national search.  When I obey God inspite of the negative circumstances, I got an offer from Texas A&M University, I turned it down because my spirit was not ready for Bishop Jakes, Benny Hinn, or George Bush.  I got another offer to South Carolina State University at Greensville, because I was ready not ready in my heart to talk my ancestory line.  I got another offer to University North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but I was not ready for the research, Duke University or Coach K problem.  

The last one, I felt the burden of the Lord.  It was like fire when I spoke long distance on the phone to the University of Massachusetts at Boston system.  The Lord told me your answer is their, your freedom is their, your family will come their, your breakthrough in finances will be in Boston.  Prepare and go and tell no one of this missionary journey like Paul.  I got on the Greyhound bus on July 18th 2006 with my bags and $88 in my pocket to receive of my joy, faith, and freedom to the University of Massachusetts at Boston system.  

As soon as I pulled out of the Greyhound station, God starting poking my heart about what was forth coming in Boston with academic challenges.  I had a relief but a fear at the same time of what the devil had layside for me.  As I aforementioned, this was my last step of year six to becoming a director in my original contract in the state of Illinois.  Well, I had a good four weeks, and the enemy abruptly snatched my future and my finances again.  The Lord said, go to New York for a time and a season.  I had one bag in my hands and headed to the big apple.  I had to stay in the New York City Human Services System for a couple of weeks.  I tried to negotiate on leaving Massachusetts and coming to New York City, but the state their is very hard on minority attainment and recruitment.  

So, it worked together for my good, I got back off the bus a few blocks from St. Francis House in the Chinatown portion of Boston.  I begin to look on buildings, places, and things with some relief, but I knew it was going to be a long road ahead for me in terms of restoring my family, my faith, my finances, and making my face like flint as King David.  In order to get my face like flint, I sat in this remodeled YMCA New England Bathhouse called Saint Francis House.  God gave me encouragement, you need to find people from BET like Trina, Marques Houston, Chris Brown, Tank and others to help you through Chicago.  I said okay Lord, whatever your will is for my life. 

I begin to work on a intense plan, but the devil curled his tail in New England while being a transient at Saint Francis House.   The moment I got in line for some food, the Lord begin to speak to me about home and what to do about.  The Lord brought to my mind King Joshiah.  As he did as a king, the Lord instructed me to follow the federal government guidelines and the University of Illinois for community organization Infastructure.  I renamed the Urban Love organization and the Inner Cities of America, along with Saint Francis the Helping the Crippled to God Organization.

Once I made this step in faith to obey God on a His Word, the devil begin to attack my body, my finances, my mind, and my family in such an embarrassing way.  I found a teaching job in a near suburb of Boston, I lost that job suddenly.  It was so bad the police drove me to Woods Mullen Shelter.   I was alerted by local authorities that my family from Chicago and other parts of country and world were in route.  I cried and became vex sore like King David at Ziklag.  I begin to acknowledge my fears because of the continuous Spirit of Rejection by my family, friends, and loss of life and income.  I gave the local authorities to call back to Chicago to do interdepartmental assessment and Lord spoke to me, you need to Trina, Tank, Bruce, Terry, Rihanna, and Dr. Creighton in the clinic at Woods Mullen Shelter. 

Over the next for years, God begin to move in such a mighty way, like Chicago.  I was struggling with severe hunger, depression, and homelessness because of the lack of support and contact from my family and friends.  I met up with people in town and bumped into my cousin, who sat as mayor of Boston.  I begin to seek social services to help me with my boughts of hunger, depression, and homelessness; and the Lord led me to the Newbury Street district of Boston, where I rediscovered myself through the Ecclesia Ministries of Boston.

Even though this was not Southside Tabernacle Assembly of God, the Lord instantly to mind recalled my excommunication from DePaul University, and told me to submit. to this the little, old, outdoor community church called Ecclesia Ministries of Boston for a time and season for reproof and edification of the My Body!  


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